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Career Opportunities for Geoinformatics Students in India

One of the most natural questions for students before pursuing a specialised program like an MSc in data science and spatial analysis is the career opportunities available? The field of Geoinformatics is no exception. Students who pursue or are looking to pursue the degree will naturally have the same question.

Environmental Modelling and analysis, climate change research, disaster management, and telecommunications benefit from geoinformatics. However, many individuals are unfamiliar with the phrase geoinformatics.

However, people understand it when they hear Google Maps or GPS-enabled applications like Ola and Uber. Because of the present and untapped prospects, Geoinformatics now has much promise in the employment market. This new and developing technology provides several work opportunities.

Career Opportunities in Geoinformatics – What Every Student Must Know!

Geoinformatics, in basic terms, is concerned with the techniques, science, and technology used to gather, analyse, and display our world and its resources from space. Geoinformatics, for example, may be used to find the geographic position of our globe, the numerous oceans, artificial constructions, and many others.

A significant aspect of this field is that it encompasses many industries. Consequently, different work styles may be employed to become masters in this profession, ranging from the public to the private sector.

This industry encompasses a wide range of activities. For example, location intelligence is a popular trend in this field. One can spend their time outside chasing animals in the Arctic or uncovering insurance fraud in the Southern part of Europe.

Here are the most popular positions for an MSc in Data Science And Spatial Analysis or Geoinformatics graduate:

  1. GIS Technician
    GIS technicians design customised maps and geographic information systems (GIS) applications for businesses and government organisations. They collect and integrate new cartographic data, make maps with design tools, and maintain the GIS database.
  2. GIS Analyst
    GIS analysts combine data analysis, programming, and mapping in their job. Their key duties include utilising mapping software to analyse spatial data and create digital maps from geographic data and other data sets.
  3. Geographer
    Geographers gather and analyse geographic data using their experience and knowledge. Then, they use the information gained to help with government programmes, land development, and environmental protection.
  4. Remote Sensing Analyst
    A remote sensing analyst interprets data collected by planes, satellites, or ground-based systems to deduce what it says about the world. To present the outcomes of their research, remote sensing analysts employ tools like analysis software, image analysis software, or a geographic information system.
  5. LiDAR Analyst
    LiDAR Analyst analyses data according to project needs, including boresight, TerraScan macro creation, manual editing/QC, and derived project generation. In addition, liDAR extracts 3D buildings, bare soil (terrain), vegetation, contour lines, NdSM pictures, and other wholly credited and geographically correct outputs.
  6. Survey Manager
    Survey managers supervise construction sites and lead teams on survey plans linked with engineering or building projects. Preparing contracts and reports, presenting right-of-way plans, and completing fieldwork are among their tasks.
  7. GIS Project Manager
    GIS Project Managers provide cost-effective GIS solutions to satisfy the demands of businesses. They also collaborate with clients and the project team to decide project scope, budget, timeline, and deliverables through supervising risk management, change control, and quality assurance activities.
  8. Geomatics Engineer
    Geomatics Engineers are responsible for calculating geodetic measurements and interpreting survey data to identify geomorphic and topographic features’ locations, forms, and elevations.
  9. Cartographic Technician
    Cartographic specialists help prepare cartographic products such as digital maps and geospatial data. Cartographic technicians guarantee that maps, diagrams, and data are precious for research, land surveys, and development planning.
  10. Remote Sensing Analyst
    Remote sensing analysts use data from satellites or planes to infer what it says about the world, displaying the results with maps and other information. The function may also need some fieldwork to validate the findings by collecting measurements in the field.

There is everything one can accomplish beneath the sky in this field. Geoinformatics allows for a better knowledge of the geological, social, and historical elements that contribute to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

It is especially true if students pursue it from the best institute available for education. While there are many, one stands out from the rest; Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics or SIG Pune.

Why Choose SIG Pune to Start a Career in Geoinformatics

Symbiosis is a name known throughout the nation for its reputation in delivering high-quality education to discerning students in various fields. SIG Pune is a sister concern of Symbiosis International (Deemed University). It carries the same qualities that make Symbiosis a household name.

SIG Pune will provide a blended learning environment where students learn from books and through practice. The facilities on campus are designed to give students a complete learning experience through and through.

More importantly, SIG Pune is an institute where hard work is rewarded with a plethora of job options from some of the country’s most prestigious companies. In addition, students can start their data science career in the private or public sector with SIG Pune.

So, please do not wait any longer and choose between Symbiosis MSc data science and Spatial Analytics or Geoinformatics to give your career the start it deserves!

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